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aerial cinematography for film,tv & digital industries

Our mission is to craft compelling pictures utilising the latest in UAV technology, Manned by a crew with over a decade of filming experience. 

BLACK BEE FILMS know the pictures that cut. We aim to exceed expectations by delivering well executed cinematic aerial footage that pushes the boundary of drone photography that is available on the market today.  Ran by experienced camera operator Al Livingstone we apply fundamental principles of cinematography to drone flying. With us; the pictures come first.

We work with the best UAV operators in the country who operate a wide variety of aircraft and are able to use the appropriate tool for your production. 

Responsibility and accountability are matters we take extremely seriously. At Black Bee Films we only employ pilots and DoPs of the highest calibre. Such is our commitment to quality we also support and train our own employees to our own exacting standards.

With this foundation it is our constant aim to innovate and stretch the creative boundaries of aerial cinematography  in order to make a significant contribution to the development of this new, high technology artistry.

Our pilots are CAA approved, insured and ready to fly. Additionally, our background in the TV industry in both DoP and Director roles means we can draw on past experience to deliver the shots you require, at a time where it may be uneconomical to send a member of the editorial team to location. A read through the script or chat on the phone will be enough guidance for us to deliver editorially appropriate aerial pictures. 

Based in Brighton we travel all over the UK and internationally for our clients.

Our serviceS

Standard UAV Filming Package Includes:

  • Aerial platform, DJI Inspire Pro X5 with duel operation
  • Zenmuse 3 Axis Gimbal with 4k Camera. 
  • Rates for the Pilot and the Camera Operator (8 Hour day)
  • Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million. 


Weekly, full and half day rates are available.

Please contact us for our rates card. 


All included with the standard package plus:

  • All pre-production, flight plans and special permissions.
  • Full ground crew support for filming in urban areas.
  • Creative consultancy and idea development.
  • Full post production services.

Please contact us to discuss your project. 

Legal Limitations:

The CAA regulate the commercial use of UAVs specifying the following rules:

  • Aircraft must fly no farther from the pilot than 500m
  • Aircraft's legal flight ceiling is 120m from take off point. 
  • Pilot must maintain Line of Sight at all times. 
  • Aircraft can not fly in rain or in winds above 20mph.

For more information about where and when we can operate please click here to download our 'Production Managers Guide Sheet.' 





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Questions and Answers:

Here are some popular questions we get asked about our aerial filming services, if we’ve not covered 

yours then please give us a call on 01273 530 828 / 07877 655 670


What information is needed for Black Bee Films to provide an accurate quote?

Early contact with BLACK BEE FILMS is recommended. We will initially need some basic details of your requirements such as:

  • Location/s including postcodes and grid references where possible (these can be found on Google Maps)
  • Type of service required i.e standard package
  • Proposed shooting dates
  • Delivery requirements i.e for broadcast 1080p 25 50mbps 
  • Idea of what shots you're looking to achieve

This information will give us the foundations to put together a detailed quote. 


Are special requirements and permits included in the price?

Unfortunately not, because each location is different and requires a varying amount of pre-production, we are unable to include this in our standard package. Flying in the centre of London for example, requires far more pre-production than flying in a field in the middle of the county.


How long does it take to setup a UAV?

The speed of UAV deployment depends on many factors. We endeavour to make the process as streamlined as possible, without compromising on our safety duties as responsible UAV operators. We arrive in plenty of time to carry out safety checks so we are ready for take-off well before the call time. Once we are satisfied that risk is minimised we will deploy the UAV. 

How long can the UAVs fly for?

The flight times vary depending on the weight of the camera, the air temperature and altitude. Normally our lightweight UAV will fly for up to 15 minutes on each set of batteries. We have several sets of batteries which cover our standard 10 hour day. 

How stable is the imagery?

Our fleet utilises integrated industry standard Zenmuse gimbals, providing fully stabilised imagery at all times.

What format is used for image capture?

Video is captured in 4K formats in high resolution or 1080P high definition at various bit and frame rates. Photographs can be captured in RAW and JPEG format simultaneously. For details of our camera's specifications please request our 'Production Managers Guide Sheet'.

Can you view the images in real time? 

Yes, we have a SD (standard definition) downlink for our larger UAV and HD (720p) downlink for our smaller UAV, allowing our clients to view real-time footage.  

Can you fly in any weather?

The only weather conditions in which we can not fly are:

Rain - We can not fly in rain given the delicate electrical equipment on board also any water on the camera lens will spoil the imagery.

Wind - The maximum wind strength we can fly in is 25mph, anything more is beyond the UAV's safe working limits. We do however require less than 20mph winds for guaranteed smooth stable footage. We use the latest weather reporting services to determine wind speed. 

Can you fly inside?

Yes, using our smaller UAV and providing the operating area is large enough.

Can the wireless video from the drone be used for live broadcast?

Yes our smaller UAV is equipped with a HD downlink and this can be used for Live Broadcast to an OB Truck/Studio.


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